Getting Connected

Who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it can all be summarized under the blanket statement: “Getting Connected.” And it only takes a bit of Imagination to see why…

Imagine… a place where you are connected

Imagine… a place where you are encouraged to use your talents, gifts, & abilities to worship and enjoy the presence of God

Imagine… a place where you live with passion and together we see God do the impossible

Imagine… a place where you have someone to “do life with”

Imagine… a place where you work side-by-side to serve each other, our city, and the world beyond

Imagine… a place where you make an impact on the world—where we are the missionary people God intended us to be

Imagine… a place where everyone is connected: to God; to each other; and to the community

If you can Imagine such a place… then you can picture where we desire to go and what we desire to become. “Getting Connected” is not just a catchy slogan—NO—it is the driving force behind all that we are. For our desire and our passion is that ALL who walk through the doors of Central City Baptist Church GET CONNECTED…

Connected to God  Connected to Each Other  Connected to Community

© 2016  by Central City Baptist Church

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